Zurichsee International Language Studio

General Terms and Conditions

Application and Enrolment

Once a signed application has been submitted by the applicant and accepted by Zurichsee International Language Studio (ZILS) it becomes a legally binding contract.

Assessment (for non-beginners)

Applicants who have some pre-existing knowledge of the language of the course should are expected to undergo a short written test, prior to the start of the course, to enable ZILS to assess their level of proficiency.

Cancellation or Withdrawal

Provided that there are still at least 30 days before the course is due to begin, the applicant may cancel the contract for a fee equal to 20% of the full course fees. Otherwise the balance of the full course fees are payable on cancellation or later withdrawal from the course for any reason.

Course Confirmation

Shortly before the commencement of the course, ZILS will confirm in writing whether the course will actually take place. ZILS is under no obligation to undertake a course with fewer than five applicants. If the course does not take place then the contract is cancelled without obligation on either side.

Payment of Course Fees

Course fees are normally to be paid in full, and will be invoiced at the time when the course is confirmed. Alternatively, subject to common agreement between ZILS and the applicant, the fees may be spread over two instalments. Not all courses offer the possibility of paying in instalments and an extra administrative charge is made for this facility. All fees must be paid within 10 days of the invoice.

Course Materials

The course fees do not cover the cost of course materials, such as textbooks. The applicant will be advised of the materials required and may either ask ZILS to provide them at additional cost (which must also be paid within 10 days of the invoice) or purchase the materials directly from the bookshop.

Late Entry

If an applicant wishes to join a course that is already underway, subject to the agreement of the management of ZILS, then they will be invoiced for the pro rata proportion of the full course fee, having regard to their actual date of joining the course and the remaining period the course is due to run.


ZILS reserves the right to reassign places where payments have not been made in accordance with the terms as stated above. ZILS may also change the dates or times of courses in exceptional circumstances, such as the sudden illness of a course leader, but will use its best endeavours to consult with applicants and to minimise disruption.

Private Lessons: General Information and Prices

Zürichsee International Language Studio GmbH offers private lessons for adults and children (from 5 years of age) at our premises in Wollerau. The cost of a 60-minute lesson is:

  • CHF 85 for 1 student
  • CHF 45 per person for 2 students
  • CHF 30 per person for 3 students

We offer also individual or small group private lessons at the client’s home or office address, price upon request. If you are interested in our German or English Company Courses at your company’s premises, please contact Maria Boulter at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.