Zurichsee International Language Studio

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Zürichsee International Language Studio offers lessons conducted by highly qualified teachers — all our teachers have University and High Pedagogical College Diplomas and many years of teaching experience.

  • Maria Mikhaylova Boulter
  • Anastasia Piskareva

Maria Mikhaylova Boulter

English and Russian language teacher, ZILS director

Maria Boulter red

Born in Moscow, Russia; married, has one son; Russian/British citizen 
1980-85 study at Moscow State Linguistic University; MA, Diploma in Linguistics and Teacher’s Diploma (English/French/Russian)
1985-91 Moscow University, lecturer (English/French)
1988-91 Doctorate course in Linguistics at Moscow State Linguistic University (German languages, Dept. of English Phonetics)
1991-99 work as legal translator/interpreter (English/Russian) and HR manager in international organisations in Moscow
2000 relocation to Switzerland
2001 teacher of Russian as a foreign language at the World of Languages School, Zurich
2004 teacher of Russian as a foreign language in Ipswich, UK
From March 2010 teacher of Russian as a mother tongue at the Russian class in Pfäffikon (SZ)
From May 2010 director and proprietor of Zurichsee International Language Studio in Wollerau (SZ), English teacher
2010 Cambridge Certificate in English Language Teaching to Adults (CELTA)
Since January 2011 director and Russian teacher at the Russian School “Suworow” in Pfäffikon SZ
2014 TELC Examiner Licence (Russian TELC B1-B2)
Languages: Russian (native), English (as native), German and French (fair) 
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Anastasia Piskareva, PhD

German Teacher

Anastasia Piskareva

Born in Russia, Russian citizen, married, has one daughter
1994-1999 study at Moscow State Linguistic University, Teacher's Diploma (German/English), Specialisation Philology
1998-2003 German and class teacher, Upper School "Modern Education", Moscow
2001-2003 Course in Italian for Business, Advanced language courses at the Ministry for Business Development of the Russian Federation, Moscow
2002-2007 German teacher, Siemens, Moscow
2003-2004 German and Italian teacher, Gymnasium 1529, Moscow
2003-2007 Head lecturer for German and Italian, International Academy for Business and Management, Moscow
2007-2015 Head lecturer for German, PhD student (Philology), Military University, Moscow
2011, 2012, 2013, 2014 German language workshops, Federal Office of Languages, Hürth, Germany
2011-2015 PhD course, Military University, Moscow
2015 PhD in Linguistics, Military University, Moscow
2016 Correspondence course "Preparation for Education Specialists in Russian as a Foreign Language, Center for Russian Language M.V. Lomonossov University, Moscow
Seit 2016 German teacher, Zurichsee International Language Studio, Wollerau
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